Paint by Number is a coloring book, which counts with a great selection of original images that are daily updated!
To start painting, first select an image from the Library. Images identified with a blue star icon are Premium images, which means they are only available for subscribers.

Then, begin by selecting one of the colors in the palette. Each color is tagged with a number, which will indicate the blank spaces that must be painted with each color. When you select a color, the areas on the picture that must be painted will be highlighted.
Use the Zoom to adjust the image to paint smaller areas. Just make a "pinch" movement with two fingers to Zoom in and Out.

Once all the blank areas marked with a specific number are colored, the color tagged with that number will show a checkmark to indicate that you will not need that color anymore.

After you fill all the blank spaces, tap to finalize the image. You can also add filters to the image to create an unique design!

If you get stuck in a picture and you can't find the next area to color, you can use the Hint button, located on the top of the screen. Just click on the light bulb icon to use one of the available hints. Just keep in mind that Hints are limited, so use them wisely.

That's it! Simple, relaxing and fun!