At Wildlife Studios, we believe that being part of a game community should be a fun, safe and fair experience for everyone. We consider providing secure gameplay environments a top priority.

Our Player Support, Trust and Safety and Development teams have joined forces to create complex mechanics to invigilate all community content.

You can help us by reporting any sort of abusive/offensive content by following the steps below:

1. Tap on the 3 dots above a village's name;

three dots button above village's name

2. Tap on "Report";

Report button

3. Select the reason why you wish to report the village;

Selection of reasons for reporting a village

4. Provide a description of what you are reporting or why you considered it offensive, then tap on "Report";

Text field for description of what is being reported

5. Our team will automatically receive your report and we will take action accordingly.

Thanks for helping us create an awesome, fun, safe, and inclusive community!