The Image Boost is a feature that allows users to Boost their shared artworks and keep them on the top of the Get Inspired feed! This will make it easier for other artists to come across your design and Love it!

When you complete one of your creations, you'll be taken to the Share screen where you can choose to share your image in the Colorfy community. You can select "Share on Colorfy with Boost" to share your image on the top of the feed!

The Boost option is also available for images you have already shared. Just click on the published image inside your gallery and tap on the three dots under the picture. Click on "Boost Image" and that's it!

Once an image is boosted, you'll see a badge on the left bottom of the image. The badge will be displayed for as long as the Boost is active. The Boost lasts for 30 minutes, and after that it will expire.