We are constantly monitoring Colorfy's performance to grant your relaxation as you create your artworks. However, there are specific conditions that may cause the app to perform below our expectations and standards.

We strongly advise against deleting the app since it will delete all your artworks.

One easy way to improve performance is to delete images from the All tab. The All gallery in My Profile displays published images that are also shown in the Published tab. If there are images in the All tab that you no longer desire to work on, just delete them to free up some space. To delete an image:

1. Tap on My Profile;
2. Select the All tab;
3. Tap on the image you no longer want to work on;
4. Tap Delete;
5. Confirm by selecting Delete.

Regularly cleaning your gallery can help the app to run smoothly. Also, cleaning up your device's storage can improve the app's performance. Deleting apps you don't use anymore, and erasing images, videos, and large files can open up some space for the app.