The PvP Arena is the online multiplayer mode for Sniper3D. In this game mode, you are deployed to an arena map with 7 other opponents. Win by taking out as many opponents as you can within the 2 minute time limit!

*PVP Arena preparation screen, showing all opponents in the match.

How do I play PVP?

The option to participate in online PVP matches is unlocked when you reach the second city. Once unlocked, you can access the PvP Arena game mode by clicking on the PvP pin on the city map.

How does it work?

The PvP arena requires 1 unit of pvp energy to start a match, as well as an equipped sniper rifle. Once inside the battle, you will be randomly spawned on a rooftop throughout a big city.

*Inside a PVP Arena battle.

You have 2 minutes to accrue the highest score possible within the 8 match participants. You can earn points by:

  • Elimination: the number of points gained per kill varies according to the equipped rifle. Higher tiers mean more points!
  • Headshots: each headshot grants 2 points even if not lethal. Headshots deal double the damage per shot!
  • Kill streaks: you earn +X points per kill streak, X being the number of players you have killed in a streak starting from +2.
  • Revenge kill: killing players who have killed you gives 10 points.

Throughout the match duration, you can also get hit by opponents and might eventually die (if your HP reaches 0). If this happens, you will be placed on a respawn timer, after which you will respawn in another random location. It is possible to skip the respawn delay by purchasing an instant respawn.

*The death screen shows the respawn time and the scoreboard.

If you are getting killed to often, or having a hard time taking out opponents, here are some ways to increase your power in PvP:

Equipped Gear
  • Your gear is what determines your defensive score (gear rating) during a match. Upgrade your current gear, or buy better pieces to increase the time it takes for opponents to take you out.
Equipped Weapon
  • Your weapon determines your offensive capabilities. Upgrade your current weapon, or buy a better one to decrease the time it takes you to kill your opponents.
  • Customizations are temporary boosts that can affect both your offense (Patterns) and defense (Decals). Patterns will provide you with bonus damage or fire rate, while decals will grant you increased gear rating, or reduced respawn time.

At the end of the match, players are ranked based on their score. The first 4 players are considered "winners".


The PVP Arena has 3 distinct objectives:

  • Win battles to climb the league system
  • Win battles to increase your profile rank, so you can unlock better gear
  • Win battles to accumulate score towards the weekly PVP rewards

To this end, once the match is over, players will receive:

  • PVP Battle Tokens
  • PVP Points (blue skulls) based on position and score (will count towards the weekly pvp leaderboard)
  • Trophies based on your position and score (necessary to advance through the league system)