Commonly referred to as WOPS, World Ops is an online mode where you compete against other players for the highest score by killing AI-controlled enemy groups.

How do I play World Ops?

The option to participate in World Ops matches is unlocked once you complete enough Primary missions, and then all 5 Spec Ops missions in Tonka Bay (first city).

Once unlocked, you can access the World Ops game mode by clicking on the World Ops pin on the city map.

How does it work?

World Ops matches require 1 unit of world ops energy to start, as well as any type of weapon equipped. Once the match starts, you will be given a mission where you can collect Skull Coins (also known as Red Skulls) by killing enemies within a certain time limit. In some instances, you might also be given an additional objective, such as protecting a particular target from the enemies.

There are currently 3 different types of missions:

  • Gang Rush: A large number of gang members will rush towards you to try and take you out. Take them out before they get to you!
  • Protect the Vehicle: A large number of gang members will try and destroy a vehicle. You must protect it at all costs!
  • Stealthy Takeout: A small number of gang members are patrolling the rooftops. Take them out before they spot you!

As well as different kinds of missions, each mission will have different types of enemies. Each enemy type will drop different amounts of Skull Coins, so stay alert and attentive on enemies around you, to ensure you can maximize your skull coin gain!

  • Criminal: 1 skull coin
  • Bomber: 1 skull coin
  • RC Robot: 2 skull coins
  • Jetpack: 3 skull coins
  • Sniper: 4 skull coins
  • Drone: 5 skull coins

The Skull Coins received from units is also based on your currently selected World Ops difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more coins each unit will yield. Each round has a maximum number of Skull Coins that can be obtained, that also increases with difficulty. That said, beware, because as the reward and max coin limit increases, so too will the enemy difficulty (health + damage).

*The difficulty is selected using the left and right arrows on the top right of the screen.

Each difficulty and respective reward multiplier for Skull Coin drops + max Skull Coin caps are listed below:

  • Bronze Difficulty: 1x Skull Coins Rewards - 30 Max Skull Coins
  • Silver Difficulty: 2x Skull Coins Rewards - 60 Max Skull Coins
  • Gold Difficulty: 3x Skull Coins Rewards - 120 Max Skull Coins
  • Platinum Difficulty: 4x Skull Coins Rewards - 240 Max Skull Coins
  • Diamond Difficulty: 7x Skull Coins Rewards - 490 Max Skull Coins

A World Ops match ends when you either:

  • Reach the Skull Coin cap
  • Run out of time
  • Get killed by an enemy
  • Fail the additional objective (if applicable)


World Ops matches have 2 distinct objectives:

  •  Win battles to climb the world ops tiers
  • Win battles to accumulate score towards the weekly individual World Ops rewards
  • Win battles to accumulate score towards the weekly squad World Ops rewards

To this end, once the match is over, you will receive the number of Skull Coins they accumulated during the match. These skull coins will be stored and will count towards both progressing through tiers, as well as the weekly World Ops leaderboard.

If you collect enough skull coins to hit the next World Ops tier, you will instantly receive a popup containing the new tierโ€™s rewards: