Primary missions are the core of Sniper3D's single-player experience. They are a series of 30 different missions in each of the 21 different cities, that depict various scenarios, such as random street assassinations, police chases, hostage situations, and suicide bomb prevention.

How do I play Primary missions?

Primary missions are the first type of game mode that you will experience in Sniper3D. They are available since the very start of the game, and can be accessed through the Primary pin in your current city.

Each town has its own set of Primary missions!

How does it work?

Primary missions require 1 unit of mission energy to start, as well as any equipped weapon. While each Primary mission is unique, as a general rule, they will require you to shoot and kill a number of targets, with set conditions. For example, one Mission may ask you to snipe a wanted criminal by identifying his distinctive hairstyle or outfit, and another may demand that you take out the driver of a speeding getaway car before he can escape. There are currently over 800 different Primary missions in Sniper3D.

*Claiming your head requires you to kill a rogue mercenary that is targeting you.

*Getaway driver requires you to snipe bank robbers driving a stolen taxi.

*Hot pursuit requires you to protect fleeing restaurant customers from a gang of robbers.

As you progress, you'll also start to notice yellow or red warning symbols in the Mission summary. These indicators are here to inform you that your current rifle needs to be upgraded to remain effective, so you should always keep an eye on your weapon upgrades.


Completing a Primary mission will reward you with some gold coins, which you can use to buy and upgrade weapons. You will also receive bonus coins for each headshot!