Squad Wars is a weekly online competition mode, where players can play arena battles and win prizes with their squad-mates. This event consists of 2 different squads getting matched against each other and competing to get the highest score until the end of the event.

While in a squad war, both squads will have access to the War Chat. A squad can only be engaged against one squad at any given time.

How do I play Squad Wars?

In order to participate in squad wars, you must currently be in a squad. In order to join a squad, you first need to unlock PvP, then obtain at least 50 total trophies.

If you are eligible to participate, squad wars will be enabled twice every week, with each war period lasting two days.

1st Squad War
  • Start: Tuesday (1 am UTC)
  • End: Thursday (1 am UTC)

2nd Squad War
  • Start: Friday (1 am UTC)
  • End: Sunday (1 am UTC)

One day before the squad war starts, your squad's Captain or any Official can decide to opt your squad in or out of the next squad war, by flicking a switch in the squad interface.

If the squad doesn't participate in a squad war (due to opt-out), they are penalized by losing a certain number of trophies 🏆.

As long as your squad has *opted-in to the war, you will automatically participate in the event. There is no limit to the number of players from a squad that can join the squad war.

How does it work?

Squads are matched together based on their trophy count. Once the squad war has started, the objective is for your squad to accumulate the highest combined score until the end of the event.

If by the end of the event, your squad has more points than your opponent, you win the squad war and receive a certain number of 🏆 (based on your opponent squad’s level). If you have fewer points than your opponent, your squad loses the war and loses a certain number of 🏆 (also based on your opponent squad’s level).

You can contribute towards your squad's combined score by killing players in PVP Arena, as well as Arena Challenge matches. A squad's score is equal to the sum of the score of all its members.


Participation Day (Mon & Thu)

  • Captains and Officials can decide if they want to participate in the next war
  • Under normal conditions, if no changes are made, the opt-in switch will default to the setting from the last war.

Battle Day (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat)

  • Battles always happen on the 2 days following the preparation days.

Reward Collection Day (Thu & Sun)

  • Rewards can be collected for the battles that ended.
  • Rewards are automatically collected on login.


At the end of the event, all squad members with a score of at least 200 will get any rewards gained by your squad. You can claim your rewards up to 24 hours after the squad war finishes, by logging into the game. If you don't, the rewards can only be claimed at the end of the next war.

The total amount of possible rewards a squad can get during the war is 2 small chests and a big chest, with each chest containing soft currency, hard currency, and battle tokens.

  • To receive a small chest, your squad needs to have scored more than 1/3 of both squad's total points.
  • To receive the big chest, your squad needs to have scored more than 1/2 of both squad's total points.
  • To receive the second small chest, your squad needs to have scored more than 2/3 of both squad's total points.

*If both squad's score the exact same amount of points, none of the squads get the big chest!
As well as the quantity and type of crates your squad will receive, your squad will also have a level assigned to each crate. This level will be based on:

  • Your squad’s current level (which is based on the number of trophies your squad has)
  • Your squad’s total score in the squad war

The higher the level of your crate, the better the rewards contained within!

*Keep in mind that if, at the end of a war, a squad reaches the required number of trophies to be eligible for a higher level squad war chest, the higher tier chest will only be gained starting from the next squad war.