Special Operations (aka Spec Ops) missions are a sequence of 5 assignments you need to complete before moving on to the next town.

How do I play Spec Ops missions?

Spec Ops missions are available once you complete 30 Primary Missions in Tonka Bay. From then onwards, 5 unique Spec Ops missions will be available in each city.

Differently from primary missions, you can only participate in Spec Ops missions if you meet the weapon power requirements.

How does it work?

Spec Ops missions require 2 units of mission energy to start, as well as an equipped sniper rifle powerful enough to meet the mission's difficulty. Each city offers five Spec Ops Missions, and each of these will present a special scenario with an individual challenge. These can range from intervening in a gunfight between rival gangs, to duelling rival snipers from the back of an SUV, or even from a helicopter.

*Parashoot requires you to take down 3 rogue infiltrators before they manage to land.

*A deadly takeoff requires you to take down a mob boss’ helicopter before he flees the country.

Once you have completed all five Spec Ops Missions, the next city will open up to you. Once in the new city, you can get started on the next set of Missions right away, provided your rifle is up to the challenge!


Completing a Spec Ops mission will reward you with some gold coins, which you can use to buy and upgrade weapons. You will also receive bonus coins for each headshot!