The Shooting Range Challenge is a single player minigame available in Sniper3D. The game mode consists of a series of 100 zones which you have to clear in order to get the grand prize.

How do I play the Shooting Range Challenge?

The Shooting Range Challenge is available from the first city (Tonka Bay). To access it, simply tap on the Shooting Range Challenge pin in your current city.

You can participate in the shooting range challenge as many times as you want. However, it's worth noting that the first participation every 24 hours is free - and additional playthroughs cost a small fee (500 diamonds). Keep in mind that these 24 hours start counting from the point where you forfeit or finish your previous challenge. You can track the remaining time required for a free entry by checking the timer on your Shooting Range Challenge pin.

How does it work?

The shooting range challenge consists of 100 rounds. In each zone, you will be offered 4 dummy targets, and you can shoot one of them with your pistol to reveal the prize hidden behind it.

Dummy targets will contain one of the following rewards:

  • Diamonds
  • Coins
  • Battle tokens
  • Weapon
  • Skull

You will also get increasingly better rewards as you progress through the challenge, and the type of the reward will depend on the current round’s zone. There are a total of 3 zone types in the shooting range challenge:

Regular zones are the bulk of what you will encounter. Every regular zone contain 4 cards, with 3 of them being rewards, and one being a skull.

Jackpot Zone:
This zone type will grant better rewards than normal zones, as well as the chance to get a weapon instead of regular rewards. Jackpot Zones also do not contain skull cards, meaning they are impossible to lose on. Jackpot zones are encountered every 5 rounds (5, 10, 15, etc).

Super Jackpot Zone:
This zone type will give the best kinds of rewards (even better than Jackpot Zone rewards), and also don't contain skull cards. Jackpot Zones are upgraded to Super Jackpot Zones every 25 rounds. As there are only 100 total rounds in the challenge, it means there are only 4 Super Jackpot Zones (level 25, 50, 75 and level 100).

In every zone, selecting a card that has a reward attached will add that to your accumulated rewards, and move you to the next zone. Selecting a skull card will cause you to lose the challenge. However, losing the challenge doesn’t mean immediate disqualification. Instead, every time you lose you will have the opportunity to either:

  • Forfeit and permanently lose all your accumulated rewards
  • Continue (from your current zone) by paying a small diamonds fee

At any point during the run before losing, you can collect your prizes and conclude the session. This will end the challenge, and you’ll receive all the prizes you’ve accumulated up to that point. You can cash out by tapping on the "Cash Out" button on the top left corner of the screen.

If you are feeling lucky, another way to collect your prizes is to attempt to complete all 100 challenge rounds. After completing the last zone, you will be able to tap on "GET IT!" to collect all your prizes.


After each round you will accumulate prizes depending on what is located on the dummy target you shot. However, until you leave the challenge, the prizes will not be applied to your account. In order to effectively gain these prizes, you need to meet one of the two conditions below:

  • WIN: When you complete all 100 levels
  • CASH-OUT: If you decide to cash out before failing a round

The cash-out button is located at the top left corner of the screen, above your accumulated prizes. By cashing out you get all of the rewards they've accumulated, and the challenge progress will reset.

As well as cashing out, another way to receive your prizes is once you complete all 100 rounds of the challenge. This will terminate the challenge, and you will automatically receive all of the rewards you have collected.

When you complete all 100 levels of the Shooting Range Challenge for the first time EVER, as well as the rewards, you will also get all of the diamonds you spent as Continues back in double!

*Example: If you fail 5x during a challenge (spending a total of 12600 diamonds on Continues), you will receive 25200 (12600 x 2) diamonds as a bonus prize at the end.

You can keep track of your continue diamonds through the interface on the top right of the screen: