There might come a point where you’ve finished all of your current city’s primary missions, or when you don’t yet meet the power requirements for your next mission you need to complete. In these cases, Repetition missions can help you get back on track.

These missions are relatively simple, and great for both collecting coins to upgrade your weapons, as well as spend all that extra built up mission energy. Contrary to daily missions, you can complete repetition missions as many times as you want!

How do I play Repetition missions?

Repetition missions available starting from the first city - Tonka Bay. You can access repetition missions from their respective pins in your current city.

Every city will have its unique set of 2 repetition missions. This means that depending on what city you are in, you might want to navigate to previous cities to participate in a specific repetition mission.

How does it work?

Repetition missions require 1 unit of mission energy to start, as well as a different type of weapon equipped that depends on the mission. There are 6 different types of repetition missions:


Completing a Repetition mission will reward you with some gold coins, which you can use to buy and upgrade weapons. You will also receive bonus coins for each headshot!