There are a few different reasons why you might not be receiving your subscription benefits:

1) Sniper3D currently has 2 subscription types: PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS. The first step is to check which perks are available for your subscription type. You can check your subscription type by tapping on the following links (Android / iOS), and you can find details about the perks of each subscription by tapping here.

2) If you recently changed devices, it is possible that the App isn't recognizing your subscription. To fix this, simply open Sniper3D, navigate to OPTIONS and tap on Restore Purchases.

3) It is possible that you downloaded the game with the wrong Apple/Google account. Remember that subscriptions are directly attached to the Apple ID or Google account that purchased it. To fix this, uninstall Sniper3D and download it using the correct Apple/Google account.

4) If you're purposely playing offline, or having trouble connecting to our servers, we won't be able to validate your subscription for that session. To fix this, ensure you aren't playing offline, and check this article to troubleshoot any connection problems.