The payment process for all in-app purchases (IAPs) are directly mediated by Google. This includes what payment methods are accepted for each kind of purchase.

If you're having an issue with completing an in-app purchase, as a first step, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Check that you have a WiFi or mobile data connection which is active and working.
  2. Force stop the game, then reopen it and try to make the purchase again.
  3. Check if the payment went through by verifying your purchase history inside the app store. If your payment didn’t go through properly, you won’t receive the in-app purchase you tried to buy.
  4. Restart your device. Sometimes restarting the device can help fix in-app purchase issues.
  5. Make sure that the date and time settings on your device are correct.
  6. Double check that the payment method associated with your device's store is up to date, and not expired (in the case of a credit/debit card).
  7. If you are attempting to purchase a subscription, please make sure you have a credit card associated with your app store account.

If these initial steps don't resolve your problem, please continue reading below.

Common Issues

We have listed below a few of the most common issues when attempting to make in-app purchases in the Google Play store:

1) Make sure your card information is up to date in Google Payments. In this case, you might see one of the messages below when attempting to make a purchase:

  • "Unable to process payment: low card balance"
  • "Unable to complete transaction. Please use another form of payment"
  • "Your transaction cannot be completed"
  • "Unable to complete transaction: expired card"
  • "Correct this card info or try another card"

- You can find the steps to resolve this here, along with instructions to resolve issues with alternate payment methods.

If you still need help, or if your case isn't included in any of the common issues above, you may need to contact Google support directly.