This article will run you through the most common causes and fixes for connection problems.

1) Connection Timed Out: Most of the time just simply restarting your device and re-establishing a connection with our servers can resolve the problem.

Fix: Try restarting the app.

2) Server Instability: Sometimes it might be the case where our servers are passing through an unstable period. This isn't very common though, and our team is always working on improving server stability.

Fix: Check our Hot Topics section to see if this is a known issue with our servers. If there is no server instability updates posted it means our servers are under regular operations.

3) Low WiFi / Mobile Data Signal: Even though you may have a good WiFi connection, your device may be affected by physical obstacles, such as walls or furniture, and distance. Other wireless connections, such as bluetooth, can also impact your connection quality.

Fix: Try changing locations inside the building you a playing from. Disable any unecessary bluethooth connections.

4) High Usage By Other Devices: Downloads either on your device or elsewhere in the household on the same WiFi will consume the bandwith and cause lag, along with other connection issues.

Fix: Cancel any ongoing downloads on your device, and/or on other devices connecting to the same WiFi.

5) Bad Network Connection: Due to Sniper3D requiring both a strong and stable connection, any issues with your connection may heavily impact your game session. Network connection problems include situations such as a bad WiFi signal, issues with your internet router, or problems with your mobile connection.

Fix: Follow the recommended troubleshooting steps for your device (Android / iOS).

6) Corrupted Game Files: If you attempted to download the game or an update during a period where your connection wasn't stable, it is possible that certain game files become corrupted. In this case, whenever your app needs to run those files or send related information to our servers, you might experience connection problems.

Fix: Uninstall Sniper3D, restart your device and do a fresh re-install. Make sure your account is saved first though (Android / iOS)!

7) Device Overheating: If your device is overheating, its performance will decrease drastically, and it can also impact the active internet connection.

Fix: Turn off the device and let it cool down. You can also check if your apps are optimised for battery usage and performance via the system settings.

If none of these steps resolve your issue, then it could be an issue with the connection between your device and our servers, which is managed by your internet service provider. In this case we would recommend that you get in touch with your device's manufacturer, as they may have some advice on the subject.