Zombie Nightmare is our first special event mode. During Zombie Nightmare games, hordes of zombies will spawn and run towards you. The goal is to survive all the waves until the timer runs out, or by defeating all of the enemies.

How do I play the Zombie Nightmare?

Zombie Nightmare is available through the Event Hub. This can be acessed by tapping on the EVENTS button, which is available after completing the first 10 Primary Missions in Tonka Bay.

While the Event Hub is always available, the Zombie Nightmare game mode is only active during select periods of the year. There are no fixed dates though, so you'll need to keep an eye on our social media pages, and/or check your EVENTS screen often for active events.

*Active events are colored orange, while inactive events are colored grey.

What are the rules?

Zombie Nightmare events will be presented as a "Card" inside the Event Hub. Clicking on ENTER will take you to that particular event's main screen.

Each event has a few things associated with it, such as:

  1. Weapon type: Each event can only be played with a certain type of weapon (Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun).
  2. Duration: Each event has a duration, after which it becomes inaccessible.
  3. Milestones: Accumulate score during your matches to unlock special rewards when you hit certain milestones.
  4. Winstreak: Winning multiple matches in a row will increase the amount of score you get per match.
  5. Leaderboard: Once you have achieved at least 5000 points in a particular event, you can compete for the highest scores in that event's leaderboard.

IMPORTANT: Remember that all of these things are specific to each event! This means that your shotgun event winstreak and/or milestones doesn't carry over to your sniper rifle event!

How does it work?

To start a match, simply tap on START MISSION, while in the event's main screen. Once you spawn in, zombies will start appearing in hordes from 3 different spawn points around the map.

There are 3 different kinds of zombies:
*Each zombie has certain traits, and will yield a different score when defeated.

The objective is to survive until the timer on the top-right of your screen gets to zero!

Once you complete a match, you will gain a score value based on your performance, as well as your win streak multiplier. Accumulate this score to reach milestones and unlock rewards, as well as climbing the event leaderboards!