We understand you want to learn more about the PvP Leagues. Do you have what it takes to make it to the Grandmaster League? Well read on and let's find out!

What are the Leagues?

The Leagues are a player ranking system in Sniper 3D.

There are 7 different badges. The order is: Steel, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master, and Grandmaster.

Within each League you have 5 divisions. For example, inside of Steel there is Steel V, Steel IV, Steel III, Steel II and Steel I.

You can progress (and regress) up and down the League based on your PvP trophies.

Why would you pay attention to this? Well, with each new league you will receive bonus battle tokens, as well as bonus score after each match! The bonuses can be found below:

How to be promoted?

When you reach 100 trophies in a League you'll have the opportunity to advance. Be warned though, this will not be easy as you will have your skills tested in a best of 3 or 5 depending on the League.

If you fail, you will stay in the same League and have trophies according to your wins and losses in this trial.

Oh, and even if you have already won the majority of the matches, for example 3 of 5, you'll still need to complete all of 5 to finish the series and get your promotion! :)

How does the demotion happen?

If you get less than 0 trophies in your current division, you will be demoted to the previous one. If you're in the 5th division, you will be demoted to the first division of the previous League. And, if you're already in Steel V, you'll stay right were you are.

How are trophies calculated?

The exact calculation of how many trophies you'll win and lose depends on several factors, such as your scoreboard position, difference of gear rating among you and your opponents and your Elo Rating. Keep in mind that if you perform well, you'll get trophies and you'll lose them if you don't.

What are the small icons next to the players' usernames on the League ranking?

These are called Badges, and they can be earned depending on the League achievements.

Rookie (Blue): the player has just joined the League.

Veteran (Green): the player has been in the League for a long time.

Streak (Fire): the player has won their last 3 matches.