Our goal is to foster and maintain a fun and fair environment for all of our players. As such, our team strongly condemns any form of cheating, as we know that this can affect users' experience in a negative way.

Please know that the team is constantly working to make sure there are no active cheats in Sniper 3D. We are constantly working on releasing anti-cheat measures, to prevent these forms of software from functioning while in-game.

In the meantime, if you come across a situation where you believe a player is cheating, please report them to us. You can reach us by accessing the OPTIONS menu, tapping on ‘Customer Support’ and selecting the report option. Please provide details about the cheat that you believe the player is using.

All reports are treated anonymously, so the player you are reporting will not know that you have done so.

*IMPORTANT: Making false reports just to get someone punished can lead to a strict punishment to the reporter.