Different types of currency give you more chances to improve your weapons and your sniper's gear. The three different types of currency available in Sniper 3D:

1) Coins

Coins are used to buy and upgrade your weapons, and can be earned from Primary, Spec Ops, Daily and Grind Missions. Earning coins is as simple as playing - the more you play, the more you'll earn.

2) Battle Tokens

Battle Tokens can be used to buy gear, and to upgrade your weapons at higher levels. These can only be earned from the PvP Arena, and related events, such as squad wars. The better your position on the leaderboards, the more you'll get as a reward.

3) Diamonds

Diamonds are the most versatile currency, and much rarer when comparing to coins and battle tokens. Diamonds can be earned by:

  • Increasing your World Ops tier
  • Increasing your PvP Arena league
  • Playing the Shooting Range Challenge
  • Watching rewarded video ads
  • Participating in the weekly PVP and World Ops competitions
  • Participating in the squad war
  • Purchased through the in-game package store
  • Participating in special events