You can customise your Sniper with Patterns and Decals - these are not the same as Gear, and will grant very different benefits. The key difference is that they are temporary, and must be bought again once they have expired.

Once you buy a Pattern or a Decal, the timer will start to tick down - so make the most of it. This timer will continue to tick even if you have the app closed.


- Damage Increase
This Pattern will cause your bullets to inflict more damage.

- Fire Rate Increase
This will reduce your weapon's delay between shots.


- Gear Rating Increase
This Decal boosts your Gear Rating, and with it your defence.

- Decrease Respawn Time
If you die, this Decal will get you back in the fight sooner.

Each option will improve your base stats by a small amount - so choose the one that suits your style best.

How do I unlock Customisation?
Customisation will be available to you as soon as you have unlocked PvP.

Some Patterns and Decals are locked until you have achieved a particular PvP rank - so only the best Snipers have earned access to everything.

How many Patterns and Decals can I equip at the same time?
One Pattern and one Decal can be equipped together, but not more than one.

If you buy another while one is already equipped, the current one will be overwritten and the new one equipped.

How do I know if my opponents have Patterns and Decals
You can see this on the scoreboards!

Check the image below:

The two small boxes to the right of the score display the equipped Customisation. The first one is the Pattern and the second is the Decal.

If your opponent's slots are empty, they have not equipped any Patterns or Decals.

Last updated October 9th