Our team knows how important our in-game usernames are for us. Because of this, we tried to make the username change process as easy as possible, so that you can change your name directly within the App. If you'd like to choose a new username, please follow the instructions below:

1) While in the home screen, tap on your username on the left side of the top bar

2. Tap on the EDIT NAME

3. Type in your desired name, then double check that you've typed the desired name correctly. Once you are happy with your new name, tap the green CONFIRM button.


1) Please ensure that your new name follows our naming policies and adheres to our Terms of Service. Failing to comply can lead to a suspension or ban being placed on the account.

2) After changing your username, you will only be able to change it again after one hour. Choose it wisely and double check it before confirming the change.

3) If you face an error message when attempting to change your username, please check your internet connection, and make sure you typed a different name than your current one.