The Piggy Bank is a feature which will automatically collect a certain number of diamonds after each single player mission. Once full, you can crack it open to receive all its contents!


The piggy bank is available starting from the 8th mission (in the first city), or by unlocking your spec ops missions.

How It Works

After successfully completing a single player mission, you will fill a bit of your Piggy Bank. Once your Piggy Bank is full, you can redeem the accumulated diamonds at any moment by going to the "Main Menu" and then tapping "Packages".

After tapping to open the Piggy Bank and paying for the withdrawal:

  • The accumulated diamonds will be added to your total diamond balance
  • The Piggy Bank's progress will reset to 0
  • The Piggy Bank will "Level Up" (increasing the rewards for opening it the next time)

Piggy banks also have an expiry time. Once it is filled up, your piggy bank is set to expire after 24 hours of not being opened. If you let it expire, all the accumulated diamonds will be lost. However, you will still have access to the piggy bank, and you'll be able to start accumulating diamonds again from scratch.

We would like to remind you that the current amount of diamonds collected and the price in US Dollars are always displayed at the "Main Menu" and then tapping "Package".