Having your own squad with your friends is a great way to enjoy Sniper 3D! This will allow you to take part in additional content, as well as events like Squad Wars, which gives you the chance to earn great rewards.

If you'd like to join an existing squad, just follow the instructions below:

1) Tap on your username on the top left to take you to the Sniper's Nest
2) Tap on SQUAD
3) Tap on FIND A SQUAD
4) Locate a squad that you would like to join
5) Check if the squad has enough open slots, by checking the number of members to the far left
6) Tap on JOIN SQUAD

Keep in mind that some squads are not open for new entries without the captain's permission. In these cases you will see the button REQUEST MEMBERSHIP instead of JOIN SQUAD, and you'll have to wait for the squad captain to review your application, and accept it.