The Squad War is a game mode that allows you to play with friends in order to win great rewards. At the end of every war, you will receive a popup message informing you if you won the war or not.

If you never received the popup containing your rewards, or if you received it and are concerned that the rewards are incorrect, please consider the following situations, which may affect your rewards delivery:

1) Did not achieve the minimum contribution
You must contribute at least 200 points over the war's duration to receive the reward. This system is in place to make sure Snipers are contributing to the team and not allowing their Squad mates to pick up the slack!

2) The reward has been delayed
For a variety of reasons - in particular the communication between your game client and the server (made through the internet) - you may have not received reward. When this happens, your reward gets stuck - but do not worry! You will receive it after the next war. So, we kindly ask you to wait until the next war is over and check if you receive both prizes together.

Lastly, if the next war has ended and you still did not receive the rewards, and you reached the minimum required contribution, please submit a ticket to player support under the following category:

🎮 Gameplay Issues > 🛡️ Squads