We know that sniping solo without squad captain can be difficult. While we understand that you wish to replace your Captain with someone more active, we do not forcefully remove squad captains who haven’t been online for a period of time. The reason for this is because we consider the squad to be the property of whoever created it, and your squad captain can always come back and resume their position. 

You can always get in contact with your squad captain and ask if they wish to remove themselves from this position. If they agree, they can simply leave the squad, and the next in line will be automatically promoted to squad captain.

The only exception to this rule is if your squad captain has been permanently banned from the game. If a squad captain has been banned, our support team can pass on the captaincy to any official within the squad.

If you are an official in the squad, and your squad captain has been permanently banned, please submit a ticket to player support under the following category:

🎮 Gameplay Issues > 🛡️ Squads

*Please note that we will ONLY assist in cases where the ticket is submitted by a squad official.