Missions are intended to be challenging and players need to use all the tools at their disposal to clear them. That said, we know that it's frustrating to get stuck on a specific level without being able to progress, so we have compiled a list of useful tips below that might help you overcome any missions you might get stuck on:

1) Consider Wind Strength and Direction
You can take wind into consideration when firing your shot by zooming in and checking the ruler on your scope to aim accordingly. Keep in mind that the bigger level of zoom, the more accurate measures will be shown.

2) Hold your Breath
When shooting, you can hold your breath to help you fire a clean shot. To do this, tap and hold the shoot button until you see the aim darkening, and then release to shoot.

3) Weapon Upgrades
Make sure your weapon tier and upgrades are relevant to the level you are attempting to complete. Upgrading the body and muzzle of your weapon will ensure that you kill targets after your first shot, scope zoom will help you ensure the accuracy of each shot, and magazine size will let you cycle quicker between your targets.

4) Silencers
Silencers can be fitted on to your weapon and will make it dificult for enemies to notice your shots, even when you miss. This can greatly help you clear difficult missions, by preventing early enemy retaliation.