Some items are rarer than others. That means that some items are a liiitle bit more difficult (or rare) to find on the Toolboxes. This can mean you can take some time to find it or even upgrade the one you already have.

There are three types of rarities in Zooba: Copper, Silver and Golden.

Copper items are easier to find. Like Fire Repellent, that makes you resistant to the fire for a few seconds, for example!
That doesn't mean they are bad Items, on the contrary! Since they are easier to find, you can upgrade them quicker!

Silver Items are somewhat rare. Like Cluster Bomb, with the power to divide the bomb in three. They have stronger impact and may be a little harder to find.

Golden Items are rare. Not only they are more difficult to find, but they are also more expensive to upgrade and can have a bigger impact on the character. Like Holy Sandals, for example, it can give you the power to walk over water for a few seconds!