We understand you had an issue where you watched a video but did not receive any rewards as a result. We are sorry to hear this and would like to provide some information about why this may happen and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

Delivery of Gems (or the reward in question) can be affected by an unstable internet connection. When there's something wrong with a connection to the internet, while the game will respond immediately to a command (such as tapping to watch a video) it may not necessarily transmit the information to our server right away, which is why you might not be able to earn the reward.

Therefore, it is important to try using different internet connections and even restarting the device if the issue persists.

If it starts happening more often and you believe that this is not a temporary internet connection issue, then we kindly ask you to contact us and report it with as much detail as possible so we can investigate further.

If you're reading this from a  web browser, you'll have to open your game and then tapping on the Help button on the game options, Then tap on  "Contact Us". Simple, right?

If you're already on the  in-game mobile version, just press on  "Contact Us" right above! :)