Are you a Grandmaster already?

In Zooba you can be GrandMaster I, II, III, IV or V, depending on your number of trophies for each character, so that means if you have 1600 trophies with Nix and 2200 with Pepper you will have a different Tier for each one of them. You also get lots of rewards and will have a chance to collect more each Season Reset.

You’ll be able to show everyone your progress and dedication through your Mastery Badge, Pre-match Pin, Portraits and Character Base, while also earning some extra coins for each game played! Other players will be able to see your Tier in the player profile, placement screen and during the match!

At the end of each season, players will have their trophies reset and will drop Prestige Tiers to match their new number of trophies, however, you’ll still keep the Portraits and Character Base you’ve earned in the previous season!

To guarantee that and give you a better gaming experience, your opponents will get stronger for each Prestige Tier that you achieve. It’s like climbing a mountain, the closer you get to the top the harder it is.

If you’re doing well you’ve already proven you have the necessary skills to go even further, so adding this extra challenge will make those who are truly committed to being the best stand out.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your opponents will also be going through the same challenge, so it’ll be a fair playing field for everyone. Since the challenge won’t be an easy one, from now on you'll also earn more trophies with a victory in the highest ranks and you'll be less punished when not placing at the top of a match.

We hope to see you as a GrandMaster and that you enjoy and have lots of fun with the new feature!