The Premium Pass' perks are amazing! Check it out:

Golden Nickname

Be exclusive on leaderboards! A legendary shiny name for a legendary VIP player!

VIP Sticker

All your stickers will have a golden background and a crown on them. Duke, our king, will be jealous!

Queue crates to unlock automatically

Whenever you receive a crate, you'll be able to send it to a queue and you don't have to manually unlock one after the other. Next time you open the game, you'll be able to open them all! :)

Special Discount on crates

Every day, you'll find an offer for a different chest! This means that you'll be able to get more for less!

More time to complete all Daily Missions

If you have Premium Pass, you'll have access to the extra "Yesterday" tab on the Daily Missions! This means that you can comfortably complete your missions with no rush, having total 48 hours for each set of missions. :)

One Free mission replacement every day

Every 24 hours you'll be granted chance to replace one of the Daily Missions free of any charge! To be able to do that you just have to tap on the blue restart icon, on the right side of the mission you want to switch. :)

Extra daily mission worth 100 Battle Pass points per day!

This is the mission that will grant you the most Battle Points! It will help you to have the chance to advance your Tier even faster!

If you want to know how to subscribe, simply click here! :)