Battle Pass is a feature that grants you lots of rewards. The more you play, the more chances you have to win awesome prizes.

Each Season Reset, you're going to find a road full of cool things to unlock: crates, toolboxes, coins, gems, stickers, event tickets and even skins! Wanna see how it works? Check this article.

Battle Points

To advance in the road, you have to collect Battle Points. The points are earned with Missions that you complete each day. If you are a Premium Pass player, you have access to retroactively play the missions that you received on the day before whenever you want to and get even more points.

Also, with this special pass, If you find a very difficult mission that you cannot through, you can reroll it for a few gems! The first one of the day will always be on us, so enjoy a free reroll! :)


With specific amount of points you collect by completing missions, you unlock a new Tier on the Battle Pass!

If you're tired of waiting and you want to skip Tiers, you just have to use the the "Unlock Tiers" button. Then you choose the Tier you want to go to and you can use your gems for that.

Premium Pass x Free Pass

If you have the Free Pass, you're going to collect the prizes on the bottom. But if you have Premium Pass, you'll collect not only those but all the prizes on top too!

Also, as aforementioned, you can reroll missions and retroactively play the ones of the day before as our Premium player, besides other in-game perks! Isn't that great? <3

You can activate it anytime by tapping on the "Activate Premium Pass" button on the Battle Pass screen.

And that's all! Hope you have lots of fun and see you at the Zoo!