Ohh, are you a team-player?

Duo and Trio modes are a nice way to connect to the Community and have fun in the Zoo. As the name suggests, in Duo you're going to play as a team of two and in Trio as a team of three Zoobsters. You can gather your friends to play or even join a random team if you just get into the battle by yourself! The team will be made based on your trophies number for each character.

The modes exchange every 7 hours and you unlock it as soon as you gather your first 100 trophies on Solo Mode.

The number of opponents you and your friend will face vary with each mode:
  • Duo: 20 players and 15 guards;
  • Trio: 21 players and 14 guards.
If during the battle any of your partners die, all allies have the ability of saving them. A timer will start to run on the ground and this is the time before they drop off their weapons. If the time runs out, the allies can continue to battle to be the Kings of the Zoo, but the dream will be over for the one who was knocked off.

But don't you worry, at the end of the match you'll all be back on the same room unless someone decides to leave.

Oh, and we have some particularities on the room too: the Zoobster who creates the room is the Leader, and this comes with some perks! They'll be able to kick players from the room and set the starting place for the group. The allies are able to follow them or not though! To unfollow the leader you just have to toggle off this option while you guys are choosing a starting point in the map! :)

That's awesome, right? Hope you guys have great strategies together and see you at the Zoo!