Similar to the Trio mode, the Squad games are for those who like to work as a team!

Five Zoobsters can get to action to be the Kings of the Zoo! This game mode will be available for all players that have already reached 700 trophies on the Leagues count.

The gameplay is composed by 20 players and 15 guards, with 5 teammates!

While teaming up, you can get into the battle with a complete team by inviting them or start a battle to complete the team with random players that have a similar number of trophies on the character you're using! To be able to do that, you just have to tap on the Battle button.

Remember: if you are the leader of the party, you can kick other players while in the lobby and set the starting place for everyone else. They might choose not to follow you by toggling the follow button off while you're choosing the start point on the map, though. There are lots of strategies so you can test on the early battle.

Once you're in, you can communicate with your allies through emotes and collect weapons and in-battle consumables together.

If one of the allies die, any Zoobster on the team has the ability of helping them to revive by standing near them until the timer on the ground runs out. If it unfortunately does, the knocked down Zoobster will drop off their weapons and might leave the game while the others can still go for the victory!

This mode was designed to bring you guys lots of fun, so some items will not be able to be used during it. The objective is to have a balanced match!

And that's it! Hope you all have lots of fun with this game mode and see you at the Zoo!