Recently we have been notified by the best community of the universe (you guys!) that some players were attacking while they were in the air or underwater. This definitely was not part of the gameplay we planned.

After some thoroughly investigation, our team of developers found out the root cause of the problem and they are working to fix it. While that is happening, we're going to investigate and ban all malicious players that were involved with this. We take the Zoo rules very seriously and we count with your help.

If you see any person that you suspect to be a cheater, please, report them to us straight away. It's simple, if you are reading this article from your device just tap on the Contact Us button that you see above. If you're in our website, please, open a ticket through the game. You just have to access the game settings (the gear icon on the main menu) and open this article again. The button should show up to you! :)

After that, just follow the path below:

- Report Player or Clan
- Report a Player
- No, I need to talk to someone
* If this is your first contact with us, you'll have to input your name and e-mail here.
- I suspect an in-battle violation
- Shooting underwater/while flying

By then you're going to have all the options to report the specific player you want to. This info will be collected and automatically sent to review by our Zookeepers team! :)

And that's it! Thanks for helping to keep our environment a fair space for all of our Zoobsters!