When you are in a Clan, you can  help your clanmates to speed up their crates or be helped!

This is really simple: your clanmates (or yourself) will ask for help to open a Crate or Toolbox they are waiting to unlock at that moment.  Each member that taps on it will reduce the timer by 3 minutes! So, the more Clan members helping, the quicker you will be able to open it!

Also,  for every speed up you do (keep in mind that it's only one per crate/toolbox) you'll get 5 coins. This way, not only will you help your friends but also get yourself some currencies! Isn't that cool?

To ask for help, you just have to tap on the crate you want to open and then on "Ask for Help".

And to help others, just go to your clan and tap on the "clanmates to help".

You can then do it all at once by tapping on the "Help All" button or help one by one.

And it's done! Have fun!