This feature was planned so you can control your skills in a way that best suits your gameplay (and to give you more perks, of course).

So, while you are in the Upgrade Tree, you will be able to upgrade each one of your weapons in two ways: damage and skills.

Damage upgrades are as simple as they state, the more mini upgrades you purchase for each of your weapons, the more damage you will cause to your opponent. Each level will have at least two mandatory damage upgrades, both of them focused on a specific weapon.

The skill points are also aimed at each one of your weapons separately, but they have a different purpose. During your progression on the tree, you will be able to collect points and exchange them by tapping the Weapons button on the left bar of the upgrade screen. There you will have the ability to distribute the points according to the following options:
  • Knockback: the ability to send your opponent farther away from you when they are hit
  • Velocity: how fast the projectile will travel to your opponent
  • Range: how far from your opponent you have to be to hit them
  • Cooldown: how long you have to wait between shots
  • Radius: how extensive is your hit circle range
The skill points are distributed between the weapons, considering the way your character uses them. For example, the Spear 360º Swing can be upgraded in Knockback, Range, and Cooldown, while the Spear Single Shot additionally has Velocity.

The more Skill Points you collect from the upgrade tree, the bigger the percentage you will be able to increase in each attribute of your weapon. This allows you to create different gameplays for each character and also test different approaches.

You can distribute and redistribute your points as much as you want. Remember that they are linked to each of your characters, so it's not possible to collect Bow points from Pepper and try to use them on Duke, for example.

We are looking forward to seeing you using your own unique strategies at the Zoo and expect you to have lots of fun testing new ways to play with your favorite characters!