Hey Zoobster!!!!

We're so happy to finally say: the new character upgrade update is here!

So, a lot is changing now, and we don't want you to feel lost. We prepared a lot of resources so you can read about the new features and be prepared for this new era. We got your back! Find below some thoughts that you might have right now:

"Now that the levels have changed, what level should I be at?"

Basically, what we added here are mini-upgrades. So you should be at the same level you were before, but with mini upgrades to complete to go to the next level. All mandatory mini upgrades will be already completed, but you can buy the additional ones if you want them.

And if you have already reached level 16, we have news: level 17 is now available! Go get those mini upgrades.

Oh! And even though we changed the number of tokens you need to reach certain levels, no tokens should go missing! You will be left with the exact same amount of tokens you had before the update! :)

"Some of my items disappeared!"

Now all the items that disappeared (Nitro Bow, Nitro Spear, Nitro Shotgun, Knockback bomb, Knockback Spear) are going to become Weapon Skills. Since you will already have some skill points to distribute depending on the level you're at right now, you can start deciding how to do so and then find your favorite gameplay.

And, of course, we added coins to your account as compensation for your investment in these items! :) 

"Are my items going to be different across characters?"

Exactly! Now, all characters will have items for themselves. This means that if you have unlocked "Cluster Bomb" for Nix, you might still not have unlocked "Cluster Bomb" for Jade. This also changes the way you earn items on Toolboxes and Crates.

But don't worry! All items that you have now are automatically unlocked across all your available characters

"How many item slots should I have unlocked now?"

The mini upgrade to unlock item slots will be available optionally on levels 3, 6, 9, and 14

According to what is stated above, you should be able to collect all mandatory mini upgrades until the level you are now. Additionally, even though this is an optional mini upgrade, we are going to make sure that you have the items unlocked if your characters are at a compatible level too. 

This means that if you are on level 7, you will be able to unlock 2 item slots (the ones available on levels 3 and 6). And if you are on level 6 and still need to unlock the path to level 7, you will have 1 item slot unlocked (the one on level 3).

Even though you might have fewer unlocked slots as before, you'll still be able to adapt your gameplay through the Weapon Skill Points, which substitute some of the items we used to have in the game.

"What do I need to know to be able to upgrade my characters better and also how to fight with opponents?"

Especially with primal instincts, the gameplay can change a lot. So here's an interesting reading list if you wanna be prepared for anything:

You can also explore our new section, Weapon Skills and Primal Instinct, for more details.

"Do I still need character tokens to level up?"

Yes! But you won't need coins to level up anymore. This is how it works: you will need to purchase all mandatory mini upgrades that depend only on coins, and then you can level up, which will depend only on character tokens.

We are looking forward to listening to your feedback as soon as you test the new features! Our channels will be open through Zooey and our official Community channels!

We hope you are as excited as we are in this new journey and that you are more powerful than ever!

As usual, see you all at the Zoo!