All the item slots will be available for purchase as an optional mini upgrade on the upgrade tree. They appear on levels 3, 6, 9, and 14.

After the update, you will be on the same level you were before but with the path to the next level to be completed. This means that all the mandatory mini upgrades for the previous levels will be already claimed for you automatically.

The good news is: even though the item slot unlocks is now an optional mini upgrade, if your characters are at a compatible level, we made sure to keep the item slot unlocked for them too!

So if you are on level 7, you will be able to unlock 2 item slots (the ones available on levels 3 and 6). And if you are on level 6 and still need to open the path to level 7, you will have 1 item slot unlocked (the one on level 3).

Now that you unlock the slots in different levels, you might find yourself with fewer slots than before. This is expected behavior. Considering that you will still have weapon skill points to distribute to your characters, and they will be substituting some of the items, we hope you get a very similar gameplay experience you had before. We are also looking forward to giving you more content with the upgrade tree experience in general, ensuring you can unlock more rewards for yourself, including the Primal Instinct .

We encourage you to test your gameplay experience with the new skill points and that you have lots of fun playing at the Zoo! See you there!