The main reason that might keep you from playing the events is that you might be out of energy. Before jumping into the battles to compete for the amazing rewards you will need to have at least one energy cell ready to be used. At the beginning of the event, you will receive 3 energy bars and each game will consume 1 energy per entry. Energy bars will recharge, each energy will recharge in 12 hours and it will be full in 24 and then you will once again be ready for battle.

If you are eager to compete with other Zoobsters you can choose not to wait for energy and hop to the store where you will be able to refill your batteries as often as you want.

If there's anything else other than energy keeping you from playing, please feel free to contact our Support team. Zooey, our automated bot assistant, will be ready to guide you through this journey and assist you!

As usual, see you all at the Zoo!