To play you will have to tap on “Events” where you'll be able to see what are the available events. The missions to earn more points can easily be read on the left side of the screen and if you tap the info button (i) you'll be able to see exactly how each action you take in the game contributes to your total points.

To play the event and earn points, you simply have to tap the "Play Event" button on the left down corner and you'll be in! This will consume 1 energy. At the beginning of the event, you will always have your batteries full which will hold enough energy for 3 games., Once one is depleted, the countdown will start and you'll regain one cell by one every 720 minutes. After 24 hours you will have the energy full again and be ready for battle. If you are eager for action just like we are, you can hop to the store and recharge your backpack.

Each event that you play will have a series of mission in which you will be able to earn points for the amazing rewards.

It's important to highlight that the energy won't affect your normal battles however the trophies will be added. You can still play the way that you did before but the progress to missions will only count if you're playing an event-focused battle.


You're going to see a progression bar on the Events screen that contains event milestones: the more points you accumulate the more prizes you're going to win! The prizes may vary with the kind of event and they are personalized for you! So you can keep scoring points for the best rewards!

After a match, you're also going to be able to see your progress in the event and even rejoin the events if you want to!

If you still have any questions, our beloved automated Zookeeper is going to be ready to help and collect any of your questions so we can improve our knowledge articles.

We hope you have lots of fun with the Events and we will see you all at the Zoo!