Hey Zoobster!

So you might be missing some rewards from the recent events, offers, or amazing promos. OH no! Usually, Shelly delivers all of the extra rewards, and the little turtle can take up to two days to give some of the prizes, but what she lacks in speed, she compensates in memory. Shelly has a list with all the fantastic players that have earned extra rewards and is getting to all of them!

At the moment, these were the issues identified by our team:

  • Events are not available

    • The current events are registering all of your progress, and you will receive your corresponding rewards when they end, which will also include the milestones.

  • Missing rewards and event tickets from the 7-day event from 20th until 27th December and the 3 hours/ 7 hours and 7 Day Event  from 2nd until 9th of January as well as the event from 10-17 January

    • Shelly gathered a list with all the affected players and sent the rewards to their inbox

  • Crate Madness rewards

    • The rewards are being sent out, you might have only received a part, but Santa Frank is coming with all your rewards.

  • The event was reset
    • Unfortunately we had some issues recently when a sneaky bug got past the Zookeepers and affected our Live Events! All the affected players will receive their missing rewards in the inbox
If you still have some questions check out this article to see how you can contact Zoey!