We are always working to make sure that you have the best in-game experience and this includes a healthy environment.

So, if someone is being abusive and you'd like to report him, here's what to do!

If you're in your internet browser now, you'll have to open your game first. Then, tap on the Settings, it's the gear icon on the upper right corner of the main screen. After this, tap on the Support button. You'll then find the same articles you did on your website version.

Now, just tap on the contact Chat icon (Android version) or Contact Us button (iOS version) and you'll talk to Zooey, our awesome Zookeeper! She'll let you know the next steps. ;)

Thank you for collaborating with maintaining the best environment for you and everybody else! We really appreciate having you as our player and we hope that you always feel safe and sound in our game.

See you at the Zoo!