You want to have the strongest weapon on the game?

The Golden Guard that you can find strolling around the map during the Load screen will hold a Legendary Weapon.

This Guard is the strongest of them all. This happens because, even though he only drops one of them, he holds all the legendary weapons, so he can attack from near or far. Be careful!

When he is defeated, he will drop the one and only legendary weapon on the floor! Every one around will be able to collect it (be mindful of sneaky Larry and quick-handed Nix), but the weapon dropped (spear, bomb, bow or shotgun) will always be determined by the Character that made the last hit.

If you didn't get it on the first chance! Don't you worry! You'll always see the player that is holding it on the battle logs on the top of your screen! You'll also see when it was dropped. So you can still hunt the legendary weapon down the game, it all depends on your strategy!

Keep your head in the goal: be the best!

See you at the Zoo!