To be able to restore your old progress, we're going to need you to first finish the tutorial (if you haven't already) and link your new achievements to one of our recovery methods (Facebook, Game Center, Apple ID, or Google Play Games). You can check on how to do it by tapping here.

This must be an account that you are ready to lose all progress. It's not possible for us to merge the progress in both accounts.

If you're on the account you're okay to use to recover your progress, you just have to contact us! Zooey, our zookeeper, is going to guide you on the information we need and then we can surely help you get back to the most amazing Zoo with all of your achievements!!

When you reach out, make sure to have sent us the following information:
  • Your username;
  • The total number of trophies you've reached in the League (it can be an approximate, but the more accurate, the better!);
  • Your clan (if you are in one);
  • The characters you already have unlocked and the amount of trophies in each one of them.
This will help us find your account.

After that, a Zookeeper will reach you out and verify the ownership of your old account so he can proceed with the process. If the ownership is proved, then that's it! :)

Ooof! A lot of information, we know. But that's so we can get you back to the Zoo as fast as Molly!

Now you can see how to contact Zooey by reading this article.