We know that playing with friends are much funnier. That's why now you are able to join and create your own Clans!

Here are some of the benefits of being on a Clan:

- Ask your friends for help when you want to open a chest faster;
- Have more friends to invite for a Duo;
- Have the chance to show up as the first ones on the Clan's ranking.

Join a Clan

First, you must achieve  League 3 with at least one of your Characters!

Whenever you're ready to join, follow the steps below:

  1. On the main screen, tap on  Social and you'll be taken to the  Clans page.
  2. There, you can  search for a specific clan name! Try typing some names that have to do with your personality if you don't know which one to join yet.
  3. Once you choose,  tap on its name and then tap on  Join.
Keep in mind that, to be able to enter some of the clans, players might need to fill in specific requirements. Also, the clan owner might need to approve your request to join.

Create a Clan

In order to be able to create a clan, you must achieve  League 5 with at least one of your Characters!

Once you do, to create a clan you just have to access the Clans page, tap on  Create Clan, pick a name and you are all set!

While you do this last step, keep in mind that  we do not tolerate offensive clan names.

Leave a Clan

If you want to leave a clan, go to the  Clans page and tap on  Clan info.

Then all you have to do is tap on  Leave!