Every 14 days we renew our Zooba trophy world!

And, good news for you: if you've played a lot during these weeks, you can have more rewards! And who doesn't love rewards, right?

This is how it works!

How does the trophy reset happen?

If you have played with a character during this period of time and collected more than 1000 trophies, all adjacent trophies will be reset to half of them and you'll receive a reward for them.

Let me give you an example! Let's suppose that you have just finished the season with 3,000 trophies on the character you play the most! Your trophies will be reset to 2000. Why? Well, 1000 will be untouched. And you'll lose only half of the ones that remained. This sums 1000 with 1000 and it will be 2000 total. :)

What about the rewards?

After receiving the pop-up informing that the season has ended, your game will restart. Then, you'll see all of your Master characters!

When tapping on "Claim rewards" you'll be taken to the Mastery Road, where you'll be able to recollect the prizes starting from 1,000 trophies to the amount you are in now!

In the case above, for example, you'll be able to get all prizes from 1,000 until 2,000 again! :)

Isn't that cool? Hope that you have lots of fun while playing during the Season and that you keep on working your way up to having lots of characters being Masters! :)