The Tennis Clash Pass is a feature that will reward you with prizes as you play and complete challenges!

Completing Daily Challenges and playing matches will grant you points, and those points will be added to your progress in the Pass rewards track. Once you reach a  milestone in the rewards track, you’ll be able to claim a prize!


Each Pass season will last for a limited period of time. As soon as a season starts, you’ll have access to the Pass rewards track, where you can see all the milestones to achieve and the rewards to be unlocked.

Every new season brings new rewards and challenges to complete! Keep in mind that you’ll only have access to a new season after claiming the rewards of the previous one.

Pass Rewards

As you play matches and complete challenges you will get points that will be added to the rewards track. The more points you get, the more you progress in the track, and once you have enough points to achieve a milestone you can claim rewards.

Each milestone you achieve will grant you rewards such as bags, strings, and even skins!
The rewards track will give specific prizes for each season, and once a season is over a new one will begin with new rewards.

Your progress in a season will only be kept during that specific season, and once a new one begins your progress will restart. You will only be able to start a new season after claiming all the prizes that were unlocked, so you will not miss any rewards when the season resets!

Each milestone in the rewards track will show 2 different prizes, one of which will be a Pro reward. Only Pro Pass holders will be able to claim the Pro rewards, but all players can claim the first reward.

The bags earned in the reward track will belong to the Tour the player is currently at in the moment the milestone was reached. Which means, if a milestone is reached when the player is on Tour 5, then the bag will belong to Tour 5 no matter what happens after.

Pro Pass

The Pro Pass is a subscription that will grant you even more rewards while you complete the Pass challenges! 
There are up to 2 different rewards per milestone achieved, one of them being a Pro reward. Pro rewards can only be claimed by players with an active Pro Pass subscription. Non-subscribers will still be able to claim the regular rewards according to their progress on the rewards track.

Also, if you subscribe in the middle of a season you will be able to claim all the Pro rewards that were achieved so far during that season.
This means that if you decide to become a Pro Pass holder, you don’t have to wait until a new season begins and you can unlock and claim the Pro rewards!