The Pro Pass is a subscription that will grant you even more rewards while you complete the Pass challenges!

There are up to 2 different rewards per milestone achieved, one of them being a Pro reward. Pro rewards can only be claimed by players with an active Pro Pass subscription. Non-subscribers will still be able to claim the regular rewards according to their progress on the rewards track.

Also, if you subscribe in the middle of a season you will be able to claim all the Pro rewards that were achieved so far during that season. This means that if you decide to become a Pro Pass holder, you don’t have to wait until a new season begins and you can unlock and claim the Pro rewards!

Pro Pass Perks

Pro Pass holders have access to extra prizes in the rewards track, and also to other perks:
  • Smashes - Smashes allow you to exchange cards you receive from bags. So if you open a bag and get a card you don’t like, it’s possible to Smash it in order to get a new one! Smashes will be available in specific bags, and you’ll be able to see this in the reward description.
  • Extra Daily Challenge - Pro Pass holders will have access to an extra Daily Challenge, which means you can complete one more challenge per day to get rewards and specially progress faster in the Pro Pass.
  • Daily Challenge Re-roll - Pro Pass holders will also have the chance to re-roll one of the Daily Challenges. So if for any reason you can’t complete one of the Challenges or if you don’t like that Challenge, for example, you can change it to a different one! Only one challenge can be changed daily, so choose wisely!
  • Additional gold from ads - You don’t have to go back to Tour 1 after getting bankrupt. Ads will offer more gold so you can continue playing!
  • Free Entry per day - Every day you can enter the tour that you have unlocked free of charge. This can only be done once per day.
  • Max Card timer reduced - The 48 hours limit on max cards exchange is reduce to 24 hours.