Club Leagues are seasonal rankings that can grant rewards to all Club Members at the end of each season, similarly to our Individual Leagues!

All Clubs will be randomly divided into brackets, and Clubs inside the same bracket will compete against each other for the best ranking position. The ranking will be based on the Total Amount of Coins Earned during the season. 

At the end of each season all eligible Club Members will receive rewards according to the Club classification in the ranking. A good position in the ranking grants better rewards for the members, but can also make the Club be Promoted to a higher League.

When a season ends, a percentage of Clubs will be Promoted or Demoted. The best ranked Clubs will be Promoted, while the lowest ranked Clubs will be Demoted to the previous League.

Also, Demoted Clubs don’t receive rewards at the end of the League season!
A player will only receive Club League rewards if they joined the club within the first 48h of the current season.

If the Club achieved a League higher than a player’s personal League, the rewards received will be based on the player’s individual League. That means rewards will be capped according to each player’s League standings.