Hello, Challengers
As a consequence of games being required to have an ISBN license to be allowed to publish in China, we'll have to temporarily remove Tennis Clash from the AppStore on December 15th.

Players won’t be able to download or update the game for the next few months.
Tennis Clash will be available in other countries and regions on the AppStore, and we'll keep your account progress for future access along with all the transactions made.

Those who have already downloaded the game will be able to keep playing. However, as the game receives new updates, you won't be able to log in anymore if you can't update it.

We recommend that you plan if you want to make any purchases. In case you feel the need for a refund on your recent purchases, please reach Apple support directly:

We’re working hard to ensure that Tennis Clash is back in the store as soon as possible. We won’t forget about you. This is our number one priority right now.

Make sure to follow our social media channels to stay up to date on all the news related to this matter and the future of Tennis Clash in China.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Tennis Clash Team