How can I unlock the Tournament event?

Tournaments are periodic events in which you can prove your skills and earn prizes!
In order to enter Tournaments you need to have previously unlocked the Rio Open Tour (Tour 3).
To access the Tournaments, simply tap the Bay Leafs icon on the bottom right of the screen in the main menu.

What are the Tournament entry and match fees?

Each Tournament tier has a different Match Fee.
  • The entry fee is going to be free to join the Tournament;
  • The match fee is a currency amount you pay to enter each match.
Winning the match will refund your match fee plus you will be rewarded with the match fee your opponent paid.

You will be able to enter the Tournament whenever it starts by selecting your entry. Remember, this will only grant you access to the Tournament.
In order to play matches you will also need to have the sufficient coin amount to join matches!

Tournament Tiers

There are 4 Tournament Tiers, which are specific divisions that you can choose to participate in.
You will be able to enter the Tournament Tier related to your current League and below.

For example: If you're currently in the Challenger League, you will be able to choose between the Challenger, Junior or Rookie Tournament Tiers.

If you're currently in the Rookie or Beginner League, you will only be able to select the Rookie Tier.

The Tournament tiers are:
  • Rookie
  • Junior
  • Challenger
  • Master
Tapping each Tier tab will display the prizes you can get depending on your final position!

Score system

The score system takes into consideration all the points you have scored in matches during each round separately. Each match is worth 10 points.
That means:
  • Winning a match = grants you 10 points or 7 points, depending on the Court you play
  • Losing a match = grants you the exact amount of points you scored in the match


After playing all matches available in that round, you will see a "Retry" button.
Tapping the Retry button will allow you to pay gems to play rematches, but the cost escalates as you retry more matches.
There are two things to remember when playing a rematch:
  • A rematch score will replace the lowest score on your match log for that round;
  • If you score less than your lowest score, the higher score will be kept in your match log.


Tournaments are divided into two rounds: the Qualifying Round and the Final Round.
You can only join a Tournament during the Qualifying Round. Whenever the Qualifying Round starts, you will be able to see the countdown for when the round ends at the top of the screen.
After the Qualifying Round is over, the Final Round begins for the players that were qualified.

The score from all your Qualifying matches will be summed into your total Qualifying score. Only the players who achieve the Classification Zone will move on to the Final Round.

In the Final Round you will compete against the classified players to achieve the highest ranking position. A higher ranking position will grant you better prizes!
Tapping your name on the Ranking tab will display all matches and how much you scored for each of them!
*Notice that the Qualifying Round does not grant prizes, and the prizes are delivered after the Tournament ends.

How to get to the Classification Zone?

In order to get to the Classification Zone, you will need to score more than the players in the ranking board above your position. This means only the players who achieve the highest scores will move on to the next round.

Who gets rewards?

Every one of the up to 100 players in the Final Round bracket gets prizes!
However, the higher you place in the ranking, the better are the rewards!

And what if there's a tie between more than one player?

There is a tiebreaker rule in case two or more players score the same during any round. The tiebreaker rule will give advantage to the players with:
1. A better net points difference, based on the player’s scored points minus their opponent’s scored points (extra matches bought with gems can replace their worst result, but can’t increase their maximum number of matches);
2. The most wins (extra matches bought with gems can replace their worst result, but can’t increase their maximum number of matches);
3. The most wins that end with a score of 10-0 (extra matches bought with gems can replace their worst result, but can’t increase their maximum number of matches);
4. The player with the lowest amount of matches (less rematches) played will be rank higher.

If two players are tied in all the criteria above, the winner will be the player who finished all the matches first (extra matches bought with gems included)!